Empowered by Alex is anchored in the idea that everyone has what they need inside of them to succeed.


Alex Strahan is the founder of Empowered by Alex and offers her expertise in yoga and talk therapy as unique tools for you to reach your true potential. Although we are all born with the ability to make our own choices and follow our intuition, socialization and our childhood experiences often skew our perception of who we are and what we are able to accomplish. Alex empowers you to reconnect to your true self and heal from wounds that are acting as barriers to self-growth.


Alex has personal experience with trauma as her mother struggled with depression her entire life and ultimately died when Alex was 13. Alex also has personal experience with substance abuse, as many of her family members struggle with addiction. Alex knows firsthand that therapy and yoga helped her heal from childhood trauma and reach her true potential as an adult and now she is hoping to share these tools with YOU! If we aren’t taught how to process our emotions and cope with stress as a child, we are not going to suddenly know how as an adult.


Alex is a registered yoga instructor and licensed therapist who uses a strength-based and personalized approach to both yoga and therapy to ensure that you are receiving an optimal treatment plan tailored to you and your needs.


You have the birthright to reach your true dreams and full potential. Partner with Empowered by Alex today to start your journey back to you. Private yoga sessions, talk therapy sessions, and combination sessions are offered.