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Family Therapy

What is family therapy?

Family therapy is a form of talk therapy that focuses on the improvement of relationships among family members. Family therapy can help improve troubled relationships with your partner, children or other family members. Specific issues can be targeted for each family as deemed necessary. Any combination of family members can attend a therapy session. For example, if a client’s distress is often focused on her sister, we could have just that family member in session. With teens, I have parents in session regularly and siblings if needed. Counseling with a family is specifically helpful to improve communication between members and to teach conflict resolution. Components of EMDR and MBCT are sprinkled throughout my counseling with families to help the family unit find equilibrium.

What challenges may indicate a need for family therapy?

  • Parenting challenges
  • Family conflict
  • Difficulty setting boundaries with children
  • Substance abuse issues with one or several family members causing distress to the family unit
  • Child behavioral issues
  • Mood issues with one or several family members causing distress to the family unit
  • Adjusting to a new life change (moving, medical condition, etc.)
  • Family enmeshment/codependency
  • Death and grief
  • Changes and challenges that come with aging

What are the typical results of family therapy?

  • Benefits from EMDR/MBCT
  • Increased parenting skills and techniques to help children/teens thrive
  • Better relationships
  • Less stress and conflict
  • Improved communication
  • Improved conflict resolution
  • Improved boundaries between family members
  • More respect
  • Greater understanding and appreciation for family members
  • Clear understanding of others’ viewpoints
Alex Strahan, Counselor in Fort Worth, Texas, Family therapy


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