Individual/Couples Talk Therapy Session

50 minutes • $125


All talk therapy sessions are held at

Beth Lewis Therapy Group

1814 8th Avenue

Fort Worth, TX 76110


This is a traditional talk therapy session with an emphasis on a client-centered and strengths-based approach to client care. Alex acts as an advocate for you and your core strengths and values, as negative self-talk can be one of the biggest obstacles to self-growth. Alex acts as a sounding board for you to realize your fullest potential and solve your problems in the healthiest way possible. Alex works with adolescents, couples, and adults struggling with a wide array of challenges including depression, anxiety, stress, marital discord, relationship issues, grief, and more.

Private Yoga Session

50 minutes • $125


All private yoga sessions are held at

The Studio

620 South Jennings Ave

Fort Worth, TX 76104


This service is a private yoga session specifically designed to teach you healing movement and breathing to decrease stress and anxiety. Alex uses evidence-based breathwork to guide you through a movement practice with the ultimate goal of you using the skills learned in a private session in your daily life. Life is busy but you have the constant choice to slow down by simply using your breath as a tool.